Tattoo Supply

Who are we?

  • We are, now breaking into the UK having been well established in Los Angeles for the last six years.
  • We have now begun to branch out into Europe, specifically within London in the UK. We aim to grow to become the first-choice supplier.
  • We supply a wide range of long bar needles, cartridge needles and grips and tubes at the highest quality and as well as this we also sell our products at a competitive price.
  • Our United States customer base is made up of tattoo shops in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Most of the tattoo shops use our disposable tubes and about 65% of tattoo shops use our needles.

How can you check that we are legitimate and that you can trust us?

  • Golden Times Corp is legally registered in California and are fully compliant with the Los Angeles County Health Departments for all our products.
  • We can provide the paperwork which traces our products back to the manufacturer, to include sterilisation certificates.

Who do we supply?

  • Lighthouse Tattoo Supply, the biggest tattoo supplier in Las Vegas, resells our tubes and needles and ink cups. 
  • TNO, the second biggest tattoo supplier in Phoenix, resells our tubes and needles.

How do we get to know what products our customers really like?

We do this by making visits to Los Angeles to gain more ongoing feedback from the US artists we supply in the United States

As well as this we do the same with our United Kingdom customers by giving out free samples and listening and acting on feedback from the tattoo artists

This ensures we are supplying our UK customers with the best possible quality tattoo products. We are extremely proud to have a strong product and we want to share it with you!

What makes us different from other suppliers?

We add you to our routes and phone check ahead to see if you need to top up.  You can also give us a call when you need to top up and we can deliver to you for free on the day or within the next few days with no extra charge

We are committed to getting to know our customers and their needs.

  • The price and quality of our products is extremely competitive.
  • We will personally deliver the supplies to your door by adding you to one of our weekly delivery routes.
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